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Victims of domestic violence often feel trapped, lacking the financial resources and self-esteem to free themselves and their children. Brooks Harrington, an experienced attorney and ordained Methodist minister, established the Methodist Justice Ministry (MJM) in 2006 to provide light and hope to victims of traumatic domestic violence and neglect. By providing free legal representation and ongoing support, MJM leads victims of abuse out of fear, abuse, and violence and into safe, nurturing, and productive new lives.

MJM Team

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Program Manager & Development Associate

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Legal Director and Attorney

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Development Director

Brooks Harrington

Founding Attorney

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Norma Serrano

Executive Legal Assistant and Office Manager

Maria Cena

Bilingual Intake Specialist

MJM Board

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Roy Brooks, Jr.
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Sandra Garcia
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Carol McQuien
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Mike Moncrief
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Monica Vasquez

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Ralph Green, Associate Director of Finance at FUMCFW
Rev. Lance Marshall, Senior Pastor at FUMCFW

Operational Reports

No Mercy, No Justice by Rev. Brooks Harrington

How can we be just and merciful? Are justice and mercy in conflict? Or are they aspects of the same truth?

Christians in America are presented with two conflicting versions of justice and mercy.

One version comes from the dominant secular narrative of America. Justice and mercy are contradictions. Mercy is devalued and discouraged.

But within the counter-narrative of God revealed through Torah, the prophets, and particularly through the life and parables of Jesus, justice and mercy are aspects of the same truth and way of God. There is no justice without mercy. There is no mercy without justice.

In this book, Rev. Brooks Harrington draws on more than 42 years’ experience as a criminal prosecutor, a pastor of an inner-city church in an impoverished neighborhood, and the founder of a legal ministry protecting indigent victims of family violence and child neglect and abuse. Through moving stories of women and children he has encountered, he shows the terrible toll of the dominant narrative’s version of justice and mercy. And he offers Christians hope with new and startling insights into God’s justice and mercy revealed in the parables of Jesus.

About the Author

Brooks Harrington is the founder of the Methodist Justice Ministry, a pro bono legal ministry that provides legal protections and supportive services for indigent victims of child abuse and family violence. He has been a Marine infantry officer, a criminal prosecutor in Washington D.C., a litigator in private practice, an ordained United Methodist elder, and the pastor of an inner-city church.

Today, Brooks dedicates his time and energy toward helping the clients of the Methodist Justice Ministry; all net proceeds from the sale of “No Mercy, No Justice,” as well as all speaking honorariums will directly benefit the ministry.